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Care for Your Child’s Teeth to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious condition found in young children that results from prolonged exposure to sugar, often through the use of baby bottles. If you give your child sugary drinks, they can rapidly damage your child’s teeth and expose them to dental erosion and cavities.

The reason baby bottles are hazardous is often due to the time sugary liquids can affect a child’s teeth. When they fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth, the liquid can pool in their mouth and greatly increase their risk for tooth decay. Prevent this by ensuring the right products are given to your child in their baby bottle and make sure they do not fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth.

Drinks such as sports drinks, soda, sugar water, and juice should all be avoided in baby bottles. Also, avoid coating the top of the bottle with sweet substances like honey to get your child to consume the drink. This also applies to pacifiers. Tooth decay in children can also be caused by bacterial contamination from outside sources, so never share utensils with your child before they have been thoroughly cleaned. This helps ensure you will not transfer the bacteria in your mouth to them.

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