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Dr. Hardy and Dr. Bushell are thrilled to be your trusted source for pediatric dentistry. As a parent, you may have many questions about your child’s oral health, especially as your child begins teething or receiving his or her permanent teeth. Our pediatric dentists and team can answer your questions here and at Copper Cove Pediatric Dentistry, our dental office in South Jordan, Utah.

A child’s primary teeth begin forming before birth, and usually begin to erupt around four months of age. By age 3, all 20 teeth should have erupted. You can care for your child’s oral health even before the teeth appear by gently swabbing the gums with a warm, clean cloth after every meal. As the teeth begin to appear, brush them gently with a soft toothbrush so that your child becomes accustomed to the sensation. At 2 years of age, your child can begin brushing with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Introducing your child to positive oral habits at a young age will help them enjoy healthy smiles later in life, especially as the permanent teeth begin to erupt.

Permanent teeth begin to appear around age 6, beginning with the lower central incisors and the first molars, and the process continues until your child is about 21 years old. Your child will have 28 adult teeth (32 if their wisdom teeth are not removed).

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