Include the Tooth Fairy as One of Santa’s Helpers

Santa and his elves aren’t the only ones giving gifts to children to reward good behavior throughout the year. The Tooth Fairy is another children’s favorite as she bestows gifts in exchange for their lost teeth year-round. Considering they can lose up to 20 baby teeth, children can get to know the Tooth Fairy very... Read more »

Everything You Want to Know About Your Child’s Primary Teeth

Do you have questions about your child’s developing smile? If so, today we’re going to talk about their teeth. Your infant’s primary teeth can appear as early as five months, and by the time they are one year old, they usually have sprouted six baby teeth (typically the top four teeth in the front and... Read more »

Monsters Need Dental Care, Too!

Are you having a hard time getting your child to take care of their smile? With the holidays fast approaching, you want them to take even better care of their pearly whites with so many sweets and treats coming at them. We want your children to have great dental care, and some great ways to... Read more »

What Should and Shouldn’t Go in Your Teen’s Smile

With so many concerns surrounding your teen’s healthy development, one important factor to manage is their oral health. During this time in their life, they are exposed to new situations and fads with their peers. You can help them navigate this stage to build healthy habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles. So, let’s take... Read more »

Caring for Your Child’s Smile

As their primary caregiver, one of the most important aspects of bringing your child in for their first dental visit is learning how best to care for their teeth. We are happy to show you how to clean their mouth daily and answer any questions or concerns you may have about their oral hygiene. We... Read more »

Helping Your Child Feel at Ease at the Dentist Office

Bringing your child in for their first dental visit early in their life is so they get used to being in a dental office and won’t get nervous. Once your child is older than two, depending on their temperament and personality, they might experience anxiety at the different sights and sounds. At this age, the... Read more »

Tips to Track Your Child’s Teething

If you have a child who is or has been at an age of teething, you know that this can be an uncomfortable period for everyone in the home. Fortunately, we are happy to help you receive the proper information to make it more comfortable. We can help you know when to anticipate your child’s… Read more »

Treating a Hurt Lip or Tongue

Children can sometimes receive a blow to the face or fall down and receive an injury to their lips or tongue. If your child has an oral emergency like this happens, Dr. Hardy, Dr. Bushell and our team encourage you to remain calm. You may want to visit the emergency room if the injury is… Read more »

Sport’s Mouth Guards for Children

To ensure that your child’s smile can continue to function effectively for the rest of their life, you want to make sure that they have oral health care strategies in place to keep their teeth and gums safe. Not only do you need to make sure that they are establishing an effective oral hygiene routine… Read more »

Tips for Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

Does your child despise caring for their smile? If so, they’re not the only child who does. Many would rather be playing with their toys or games instead of brushing and flossing. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to spice up their oral hygiene routine. You can make oral hygiene fun for them!… Read more »