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Choosing the Best Foods for Your Child’s Oral Health

While changing diet to avoid dangerous foods is an awesome idea, there are a few additional ideas that can help your child prevent the development of early childhood caries. This will lead to less dental problems in the future. If juice is something your child enjoys, deliberate on watering it down. If your child likes cake or a baked treat,... read more »

How Childhood Dental Health Impacts Adulthood Dental Health

You may be aware of baby bottle tooth decay and thought, "does it matter that baby chompers rot since they fall out anyway?" The answer is very much yes. Read below to find out why. Although baby bottle tooth decay impacts the baby pearly whites, effects from the disorder can carry into adulthood. Since baby chompers are placeholders for adult... read more »

Why You Want Your Child to Have Checkups

If your child has a problem with their smile, they may not tell you, and sometimes that's because they don't understand what is happening inside their mouth. Telltale signs that something is off may manifest as your child appearing anxious, depressed or tired. More than one-half of all children aged 5-9 years have at least one cavity or filling. If... read more »