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The Reasons Why Kids Need Oral Hygiene

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Do you ever wonder why your child needs to clean their teeth and gums? If so, our dentists, Dr. Hardy and Dr. Bushell, are happy to tell you why. Oral hygiene is very important and it can help your child’s smile and oral health in many ways. To help you understand, our dentist is happy to list the reasons why kids need oral hygiene. Those reasons are because:

-It can teach them how to care for their smile now and in the future. When you start oral hygiene at an early age, your child can understand that cleaning their smile is important. This can help them make oral hygiene a habit and priority as they grow up.

-It can help them avoid dental issues. Brushing, flossing, rinsing and attending checkups cleans the bacteria from the smile that promote tooth decay, gum disease and other dental issues. Whether you believe it or not, your child’s smile is vulnerable to dental issues as soon as they are born.

-It can help them maintain healthy primary teeth. Although this might seem pointless because primary teeth eventually fall out, primary teeth are important. They help your child properly eat, chew and speak. They also help guide the permanent teeth into place when the time comes.

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