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Thumb Sucking Is Bad for a Child’s Oral Health

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Thumb sucking is bad for a child’s oral health. Although it may seem cute and innocent, the effects it can have on their teeth are unfortunate. It could seriously warp and dislodge the natural position of their teeth, and even hinder their growth. What’s more, it can alter their gumline and cause the next set of teeth, their permanent one’s, to grow in incorrectly or incompletely.

If your child has begun to suck their thumb, offer them heaps of praise whenever they stop. Many children use thumb sucking as an esteem booster, so always do your part in building their confidence. You can also try speaking with your child about the dangers of sucking their thumb.

If a child is reluctant to quit sucking their thumb, their pediatrician can coat their thumbs in a foul-tasting substance. This reduces their desire to suck their thumbs and helps propel them forward in the quest for a better smile. Switching them onto pacifiers may be an easier habit to break, but pacifiers can cause the same type of oral health issues in a child that thumb sucking can.

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