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Tips for Helping Your Kids Prevent Enamel Erosion

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Do you want your child to have a top-notch smile? If so, you need to help them prevent dental problems. One problem to keep at bay is enamel erosion. This problem occurs when the teeth are exposed to acid regularly and that acid attacks and wears down the tooth enamel, making it vulnerable to other dental issues, like cavities. To help you help your child prevent enamel erosion, our dentists, Dr. Hardy and Dr. Bushell, are happy to give you the tips you need. Those tips are:

-Avoid giving them acidic foods and beverages: The acid from the foods and beverages create the enamel erosion in the first place. It’s best to avoid those products so your child can avoid the erosion. Instead, give your child smile-healthy foods and drinks, like vegetables, fruits, milk and other dairy products and water.

-Strengthen their teeth with fluoride: Fluoride can make the enamel a tough shell that resists the influence of acid and bacteria. This is why it’s best to expose your child’s teeth to fluoride regularly. However, fluoride is not recommended for children under 3 years old.

-Wait to brush: If you give your child an acidic food or beverage, don’t immediately brush their teeth. This is because the bristles will help the acid wear down the tooth enamel rather than stop it. So, make sure to wait 30 minutes to brush their teeth.

To learn more about how to prevent enamel erosion in South Jordan, Utah, please contact Copper Cove Pediatric Dentistry and talk to a member of our dental team. We are here to help you in any way we can, even if it’s just by answering your questions, so call 801-446-2080 now. We look forward to talking with you!