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Tips to Track Your Child’s Teething

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If you have a child who is or has been at an age of teething, you know that this can be an uncomfortable period for everyone in the home. Fortunately, we are happy to help you receive the proper information to make it more comfortable. We can help you know when to anticipate your child’s first tooth and their other teeth, as well as recognize the signs of teething. Below we offer information on how to recognize incoming baby teeth and what can be done to alleviate your child’s discomfort.

Every child has a different teething timeline, but there some occurrences you can anticipate. For example, the first teeth to erupt are typically the central incisors, which are the bottom front teeth, and this often occurs around the age of six months old. By eight months, children start to receive their top central incisors.

As the neighboring front teeth come in, your child may receive their lateral incisors next between the ages of nine and 13 months. Usually, the next teeth are the child’s molars between the months of 13 and 19. By 17 months, your child may have their canine teeth, followed by their second molars around months 25 to 33.

Most children have all of their baby teeth by the age of two, and the full tooth count comes out to 20. With the eruption of so many teeth in such a short time, your child displays the signs of teething several times, and some of the symptoms you can look for include biting, sucking, excess drooling, reduced appetite, gum rubbing and even a mild temperature.

If you are concerned about your child’s teething in South Jordan, Utah, and would like further information on how you can help your child during this time, please feel free to schedule a visit Copper Cove Pediatric Dentistry by calling 801-446-2080. Our dentists, Dr. Hardy and Dr. Bushell are happy to answer your oral health questions and concerns.