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Choosing the Best Foods for Your Child’s Oral Health

While changing diet to avoid dangerous foods is an awesome idea, there are a few additional ideas that can help your child prevent the development of early childhood caries. This will lead to less dental problems in the future. If juice is something your child enjoys, deliberate on watering it down. If your child likes cake or a baked treat,... read more »

How Childhood Dental Health Impacts Adulthood Dental Health

You may be aware of baby bottle tooth decay and thought, "does it matter that baby chompers rot since they fall out anyway?" The answer is very much yes. Read below to find out why. Although baby bottle tooth decay impacts the baby pearly whites, effects from the disorder can carry into adulthood. Since baby chompers are placeholders for adult... read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention for Your Little One

Baby bottle tooth decay gained its name because tooth decay often arises in young children by the substances and length of time they spend with their bottles. Here are some ways to prevent your child being exposed to bacterial tooth decay: - Do not coat baby bottles or pacifiers with honey or other sugary substances. - Avoid filling bottles with... read more »

The Oral Health Basics of Breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is often stressed as the most suitable option for the overall healthy growth of your child, did you know that it can benefit your child’s oral health as well? For a better understanding of the basics of breastfeeding and dental health, listed below are some important facts about them: - Breastfeeding lowers a child’s risk of baby bottle... read more »

The Uses of Pediatric Dentistry

If you seek to improve the oral health of a young child, pediatric dentistry should be the first option on your list. The uses of pediatric dentistry are great in number. Here are some things you should know about pediatric dentistry: - Pediatricians have extra training beyond regular dentistry, which usually lasts for 2-3 years in addition to general dentistry.... read more »

Care for Your Child’s Teeth to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious condition found in young children that results from prolonged exposure to sugar, often through the use of baby bottles. If you give your child sugary drinks, they can rapidly damage your child’s teeth and expose them to dental erosion and cavities. The reason baby bottles are hazardous is often due to the time... read more »

The Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Quiz

Do you know what baby bottle tooth decay is? Did you know that baby bottle tooth decay can occur while your child is sleeping? Thus, it is important to ensure no liquids can pool in your child’s mouth as they sleep. For more information about baby bottle tooth decay, take the following quiz: Baby bottle tooth decay is most commonly... read more »